Value From The Ground Up™
Conserving lands that matter most.
Our land ethic has always included the careful assessment of our holdings for their highest and best use, which is sometimes conservation.
We work with conservation experts to identify lands with ecological, historic, recreational, silvicultural or wildlife significance, ultimately selling select tracts to conservation organizations for future generations to enjoy.

Through various partnerships, we have helped conserve more than 200,000 acres throughout the U.S. and New Zealand – protecting delicate ecosystems such as salt marshes, forests and wetland ecosystems so they can serve as safe havens where endangered animals and vegetation, such as the rare Lady’s Slipper plant, can thrive. These picturesque lands are now available for people to enjoy hiking, fishing, bird watching and other recreational activities.

rare-tree-artifact.jpgPreserving rare artifact discoveries is another way we can share the value of our lands. In Ware County, Georgia, a rare dugout canoe, hollowed from a single long-leaf pine tree, was unearthed in the low waters of the Satilla River. Rayonier donated this canoe, which was a prized possession of early Native Americans, to Atlanta’s Fernbank Museum of Natural History.



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