Value From The Ground Up™
Caring for our environment: Beauty shot of Matanzas
Our working forests provide economic, environmental and social benefits for our generation and those to come. We operate responsibly and safely to benefit the environment in which we live and work.

Our mission to be the safest in the industry is a company-wide commitment, evident in all we do.
Pine forest image
Our forestry and manufacturing practices are conducted in accordance with the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® and certified through independent, third-party audits.
Bird nest image
We’re committed to respecting the wildlife and vegetation across our 2.3 million acres of working U.S. timberlands.
Scenic river view
More than half of the nation’s freshwater supply originates on timberlands. We’re committed to ensuring we protect water quality through our Best Management Practices or BMPs.
Mountain river view
We carefully assess our land holdings to identify those with historic, ecological, geologic and wildlife significance.



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