Value From The Ground Up™
At Rayonier, we pay close attention to the changes in the value of our lands and their surroundings. The continuous evaluation of our lands helps us determine the best possible use for each acre.

When lands are environmentally, geologically or historically significant, we may sell them to conservation groups to conserve them for future generations. In other instances, lands that were once rural forests are now surrounded by economic growth and development, which generates new opportunities to create value for the company. 
Raydient Places + Properties, our professional real estate services subsidiary, executes our real estate value creation strategy by assisting our TRS entities entitle properties for residential, commercial and industrial uses, as well as master planning and permitting for future communities, and marketing of higher and better use properties.



Discover Other Ways Rayonier Creates Value
Organized as a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), Rayonier creates value for shareholders through solid cash flows that fund a substantial dividend

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