Value From The Ground Up™
Added value through Execution
Raydient Places + Properties, our real estate services subsidiary, is a provider of strategic and technical real estate and project management services with a focus on value creation through transforming former timberland properties to higher and better uses, including rural recreation, rural residential, commercial and community development for our taxable REIT subdiaries (TRS), including Terrapointe LLC.


Terrapointe Services has changed its name to Raydient Places + Properties.

The name Raydient Inc. reflects pride in our history and our purpose to create value.

Our History: a subsidiary of Rayonier whose roots date back almost a century, a company that serves as an exceptional steward of the land and the quality of life of the communities that the company is a part of.

Our Purpose: to creating and sustain extraordinary places and properties that shine brightly for generations to come.

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