Value From The Ground Up™
Managing our lands to maximize growth
Rayonier's foresters take great care in preparing, planting, managing, thinning and harvesting our timberlands to maximize growth and yield while being good stewards of the environment.

Our foresters use forecast models that maximize harvest yields, and our passion for growing healthy working forests drives us to increase productivity while helping protect surface water, recharging underground aquifers, enhancing air and water quality, providing wildlife habitat and sequestering carbon.
US Forest Resources Asia Pacific Resources 
Our U.S. forest resources group manages approximately 2.3 million acres of Rayonier timberland in 11 states. The majority of our timber is pine in the South and hemlock and Douglas fir in the Pacific Northwest.
Rayonier New Zealand manages approximately 435,000 acres of timberland for Matariki Forests, a joint venture in which Rayonier recently became a majority owner.  More than 75% of Matariki Forests' fiber and wood-based products are sold on the export market, particularly to Asia.


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